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Animating Kamikaze

Jeff Marker talks with Team Kamikaze about adapting their award-winning comic book into an animated series.


Intimacy on Set

Atlanta-based Intimacy Coordinator Kristina Arjona joins Professor Robyn Hicks to discuss this relatively new position in the industry, as well as discuss the impact her work has on actors throughout the process of auditioning, rehearsal and filming scenes containing sensitive material. Actors Alexa Rachelle Jennings and Chris Mayers join in the conversation to offer the actor’s perspective.


Actors & Agents

Budding Atlanta actor Onye Eme-Akwari talks about the day-to-day of life as an actor with his agent, Jaron Matthews of J. Pervis Talent Agency, and together with Professor James Mackenzie, they discuss how actors and agents work together to book roles in film and television.


Film Impact Georgia

Film Impact Georgia Co-Founders Molly Coffee and Melissa Simpson join Professor Robyn Hicks to talk about their initiative to support GA based indie filmmakers, as well as cultivate a sustainable film community within the state of Georgia. UNG alumni Jeremy Thao joins in the conversation as a recent grant recipient prepping production on a creative project that will shine a light on diversity within our industry.