INDIE SHORTS – 1:00 pm

Saturday, Sep 16, 1:00 pm


dir. Shaun MacLean / 21 min

After receiving a mysterious letter, a wayward son returns to his childhood home to wrestle with a dark family secret.


dir. Clay Randel / 14 min

After watching her favorite team lose in dramatic fashion, a young soccer fan must navigate the stages of loss with the help of her recently divorced father.


dir. Jaye Pniewski / 14 min

Jason and Jim Koss are estranged brothers who have come together after the death of their father, a well respected academic but painfully overbearing parent. Surrounded by decades of dad’s writings and memories, old wounds resurface as the brothers are faced with a life or death choice.


dir. Patrick Phillips / 24 min

Exploring the growing popularity, challenges and changing perceptions of PEV (personal electric vehicles) through a diverse group of riders in Atlanta.