Student Shorts

Saturday, Sep 17, 2:45 pm / Stage 1

After Laughter
dir. Hannah Patterson / 16 min

Muted by the death if her friend, a musician clings to the past as she loses her grip on the present.

dir. Brett Jordan / 11 min

While writing about a local folk lore a girl visits her past and brings something, or someone, back with her.

A Halloween To Forget
dir. Sam Morgan / 7 min

A couple’s plans to have their first kiss with one another on Halloween are continually foiled by trick-or-treaters and unwelcome guests.

dir. Tyler Kinsey / 6 min

Rick attempts to clear his crippling debt to his boss, Jimmy, by taking care of his dirty work.

The Last Job
dir. Suraj Savkoor / 15 min

Isiah and his team set out to take down an unscrupulous real estate mogul, only to discover it might not be as easy as they thought.