Nighthawk Shorts

Friday, Sep 16, 1:00 pm & 8:30 pm / Stage 1

Love Heist
dir. Bryson Edmondson / 4 min

A guy tries to win over the girl of his dreams on their first date with a little help from his fear and confidence- literally.

dir. Amisha Nair / 10 min

With the pressure of a new internship, Dan struggles to manage his relationships with those closest to him. With a worsening alcohol addiction, how far is too far?

dir. Anna Saccavino / 12 min

A girl befriends a mysterious deity and finds that she may not be as kind as she seems.

dir. Kendra Vazquez / 7 min

When a teenage girls anxiety takes over she comes face to face with her worst fears.

dir. Brianna Nitz / 5 min

A grieving soldier seeks revenge, and leads the rest of his troop into one final battle.

Shooting Stars
dir. Samuel Paul Henderson / 13 min

A high school theater girl gets more than she bargained when she starts seeing a troubled basketball player.

The Fisherman’s Club
dir. Chris Cummins / 9 min

Two childhood best friends go on a fishing trip, which has been a semi-annual tradition since they were kids. With tensions high and things not going exactly to plan, unexpected and heartbreaking news puts everything into perspective.

dir. Chandler Thornton / 9 min

Christopher, a paranormal investigator, spends the night at the home of a friend after she sees something horrifying in her fireplace.