Georgia Shorts

Saturday, Sep 17, 8:30 pm / Stage 1

dir. Demetrius Hill / 25 min

After buying too much land a young and ambitious farm owner finds herself in debt facing foreclosure. Things take a puzzling turn when she crosses paths with a young assistant biologist.

blue jay
dir. Anthony Matos / 12 min

The stories of Ryan, Pat, and Natalie; three strangers looking for varying escapes from their mundane lives. Their journeys bring them together at an old motel, where they learn from each other how to confront their own demons.

dir. Ebony Blanding / 20 min

When a tween mermaid enthusiast discovers an ailing water creature, she uses a magical wish to change the fate of their existence…and her own.

The Lick
dir. Charlene Fisk / 15 min

A covert group of middle aged female martial artists have an unconventional approach to revenge.

Make It Out Alive
dir. Christopher Flippo / 7 min

A man defends his house from two intruders. He finds something within himself that he didn’t even know existed.